Dr Daniel Scott

EPSRC Early Career Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford



Dr Daniel Scott


Daniel studied chemistry as an undergraduate at the University of Cambridge, and as a postgraduate at Imperial College London under the supervision of Dr Andrew Ashley and Professor Matthew Fuchter. After receiving his PhD in 2017 for work on the development of new “Frustrated Lewis Pair” methods for metal-free catalytic hydrogenation Daniel continued in the Ashley group with the award of an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship, during which he studied low-valent iron complexes and their use for the activation of N2 and H2. In 2018 he moved to Germany, where he took up an Alexander von Humboldt fellowship at the University of Regensburg, working with Professor Robert Wolf on the development of new methods for the transformation of elemental phosphorus.

Most recently Daniel has joined the University of Oxford in 2021 as a member of staff in the Department of Chemistry, supported by the award of an EPSRC Early Career Fellowship. His research interests revolve around molecular inorganic chemistry and currently include the transformation of industrially relevant small inorganic molecules, the development of new reactivity using earth-abundant p-block elements, and the incorporation of photochemical methods into inorganic synthesis.

Information on how to contact Daniel can be found here.