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Hydrostannylation of Red Phosphorus: A Convenient Route to Monophosphines

Jose Cammarata, Daniel J. Scott, Robert Wolf

Chem. Eur. J.2022, 28, e202202456

Photocatalytic Stannylation of White Phosphorus

Marion Till, Jose Cammarata, Robert Wolf, Daniel J. Scott

Chem. Comm.202258, 8986-8989

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Recent Breakthroughs in P4 Chemistry: Towards Practical, Direct Transformations into P1 Compounds

Daniel J. Scott

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.202261, e202205019

Photochemical transformation of chlorobenzenes and white phosphorus into arylphosphines and phosphonium salts

Marion Till, Verena Streitferdt, Daniel J. Scott, Michael Mende, Ruth M. Gschwind, Robert Wolf 

Chem. Comm.2022, 58, 1100-1103

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Photocatalytic Arylation of P4 and PH3: Reaction Development Through Mechanistic Insight

Robin Rothfelder, Verena Streitferdt, Ulrich Lennert, Jose Cammarata, Daniel J. Scott, Kirsten Zeitler, Ruth M. Gschwind, Robert Wolf 

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2021, 60, 24650-24658

Di-tert-butyldiphosphatetrahedrane as a Source of 1,2-Diphosphacyclobutadiene Ligands

Gabriele Hierlmeier, Peter Coburger, Daniel J. Scott, Thomas M. Maier, Stefan Pelties, Robert Wolf, Daniel M. Pividori, Karsten Meyer, Nicolaas P. van Leest, Bas de Bruin

Chem. Eur. J.2021, 27, 14936-14946

Synthesis of a carborane-substituted bis(phosphanido) cobaltate(I), ligand substitution, and unusual  P4 fragmentation

Peter Coburger, Julia Leitl, Daniel J. Scott, Gabriele Hierlmeier, Ilya G. Shenderovich, Evamarie Hey-Hawkins, Robert Wolf

Chem. Sci.202112, 11225-11235

Synthesis of monophosphines directly from white phosphorus

Daniel J. Scott, Jose Cammarata, Maximilian Schimpf, Robert Wolf

Nature Chem.202113, 458-464

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Hole-mediated photoredox catalysis: tris(p-substituted)biarylaminium radical cations as tunable, precomplexing and potent photooxidants

Shangze Wu, Jonas Žurauskas, Michał Domański, Patrick S. Hitzfeld, Valeria Butera, Daniel J. Scott, Julia Rehbein, Ajeet Kumar, Erling Thyrhaug, Jürgen Hauer, Joshua P. Barham

Org. Chem. Front.20218, 1132-1142

Transition-Metal-Mediated Functionalization of White Phosphorus

Christian M. Hoidn, Daniel J. Scott, Robert Wolf

Chem. Eur. J.202127, 1886-1902

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Establishing the Role of Triflate Anions in H2 Activation by a Cationic Triorganotin(IV) Lewis Acid

Joshua S. Sapsford, Dániel Csókás, Daniel J. Scott, Roland C. Turnell-Ritson, Adam D. Piascik, Imre Pápai, Andrew E. Ashley

ACS Catal.202010, 7573-7583

Versatile Visible-Light-Driven Synthesis of Asymmetrical Phosphines and Phosphonium Salts

Percia Beatrice Arockiam, Ulrich Lennert, Christina Graf, Robin Rothfelder, Daniel J. Scott, Tillmann G. Fischer, Kirsten Zeitler, Robert Wolf

Chem. Eur. J.202026, 16374-16382

A Phosphinine-Derived 1-Phospha-7-Bora-Norbornadiene: Frustrated Lewis Pair Type Activation of Triple Bonds

Julia Leitl, Andrew R. Jupp, Evi R. M. Habraken, Verena Streitferdt, Peter Coburger, Daniel J. Scott, Ruth M. Gschwind, Christian Müller, J. Chris Slootweg, Robert Wolf

Chem. Eur. J.202026, 7788-7800

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Direct catalytic transformation of white phosphorus into arylphosphines and phosphonium salts

Ulrich Lennert, Percia Beatrice Arockiam, Verena Streitferdt, Daniel J. Scott, Christian Rödl, Ruth M. Gschwind, Robert Wolf

Nature Catal.20192, 1101-1106

Facile C=O Bond Splitting of Carbon Dioxide Induced by Metal–Ligand Cooperativity in a Phosphinine Iron(0) Complex

Julia Leitl, Michael Marquardt, Peter Coburger, Daniel J. Scott, Verena Streitferdt, Ruth M. Gschwind, Christian Müller, Robert Wolf

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.201958, 15407-15411

Enantioselective reduction of N-alkyl ketimines with frustrated Lewis pair catalysis using chiral borenium ions

Dan M. Mercea, Michael G. Howlett, Adam D. Piascik, Daniel J. Scott, Alan Steven, Andrew E. Ashley, Matthew J. Fuchter

Chem. Comm.201955, 7077-7080

A New Mode of Chemical Reactivity for Metal-Free Hydrogen Activation by Lewis Acidic Boranes

Elliot L. Bennett, Elliot J. Lawrence, Robin J. Blagg, Anna S. Mullen, Fraser MacMillan, Andreas W. Ehlers, Daniel J. Scott, Joshua S. Sapsford, Andrew E. Ashley, Gregory G. Wildgoose, J. Chris Slootweg

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.201958, 8362-8366


Reversible coordination of N2 and H2 to a homoleptic S = 1/2 Fe(I) diphosphine complex in solution and the solid state

Laurence R. Doyle, Daniel J. Scott, Peter J. Hill, Duncan A. X. Fraser, William K. Myers, Andrew J. P. White, Jennifer C. Green, Andrew E. Ashley

Chem. Sci.20189, 7362-7369

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Direct Reductive Amination of Carbonyl Compounds Catalyzed by a Moisture Tolerant Tin(IV) Lewis Acid

Joshua S. Sapsford, Daniel J. Scott, Nathan J. Allcock, Matthew J. Fuchter, Christopher J. Tighe, Andrew E. Ashley

Adv. Synth. Catal.2018360, 1066-1071


Designing effective ‘frustrated Lewis pair’ hydrogenation catalysts

Daniel J. Scott, Matthew J. Fuchter, Andrew E. Ashley

Chem. Soc. Rev.201746, 5689-5700


Versatile Catalytic Hydrogenation Using A Simple Tin(IV) Lewis Acid

Daniel J. Scott, Nicholas A. Phillips, Joshua S. Sapsford, Arron C. Deacy, Matthew J. Fuchter, Andrew E. Ashley

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.201655, 14738-14742


Facile Protocol for Water-Tolerant “Frustrated Lewis Pair”-Catalyzed Hydrogenation

Daniel J. Scott, Trevor R. Simmons, Elliot J. Lawrence, Gregory G. Wildgoose, Matthew J. Fuchter, Andrew E. Ashley

ACS Catal.20155, 5540-5544


Nonmetal Catalyzed Hydrogenation of Carbonyl Compounds

Daniel J. Scott, Matthew J. Fuchter, Andrew E. Ashley

J. Am. Chem. Soc.2014136, 15813-15816

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Metal-Free Hydrogenation Catalyzed by an Air-Stable Borane: Use of Solvent as a Frustrated Lewis Base

Daniel J. Scott, Matthew J. Fuchter, Andrew E. Ashley

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.201453, 10218-10222

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